Yeah the first thing I need to do before I start writing this entry is clam….down.

Calm down.


calm down, girl. 

Okay I’m calm.


It’s another Black Panther entry and I’m not sorry.

I still haven’t had the chance to watch it again because I refuse to go without someone I can annoy in the cinema and everyone is backpedaling from that. I’ll get you though. You’ll see.

Anyways I haven’t seen it again but that didn’t stop me from keeping it in the back of my head and I can’t stay off the internet even though I swear off it every morning. The internet is all Wakanda now.

YouTube is like my morning news so I was looking forward to some comical and real rip apart of the Black Panther Movie but I was also afraid that many wouldn’t do reviews fairly objectively because of the fear of being called racist or because having an unpopular opinion is not cool. But then there’s MatPat. That guy is the love of my YouTube life. It turned out that people weren’t afraid to rip it apart. It was just that me and my posy had seen it before the rest of the world.

I still love the way the story was told and I took it like the story it was; A marvel Superhero movie made to make black people feel good and boy do I feel good. Is movie movie orgasm a thing?  It must be.

But even through my busy day and night, I find time to scroll through the internet so I can piss myself off and give myself migraines by how people who happen to be my friends on Facebook found ways to be angry at the reality the movie portrayed with Africans not really being famous for helping each other in the battle field or how peaceful power transfer is really a rare event. Wakanda might have seemed like the perfect African land but it isn’t. We should take the good with the real. There was treachery and without the conflict, there wouldn’t be a movie. What the fuck where people expecting? That it be this democratic land where milk and honey flow in abundance? Yeah no.

I stand by what I said about the plot being solid and after watching this MatPat video that I’ll add down below, I’ve never been so happy being wrong about people being afraid to objectively criticize.

And me I’ll keep on remembering random facts in the middle of the day and reacting weird to the internet in real life and giving my coworkers more reason to think I’m loose in the head.

Enjoy the link below and tell me what you think.