Trevor Noah said in an interview with CNN a couple of weeks ago, “…When there is something to punch against, that’s when you truly flex your muscles. When you are a creative person and you live in a place where the seeds of oppression are being planted, that’s when you feel like the soil is most fertile to explore yourself and what you stand for…”

I’m using that as an excuse for not writing.

I’m not writing, and it is sounding like high time I just stop using the title for myself lest I just become a liar. I’m not oppressed. Life is just fine. But even when it isn’t, I don’t really feel like writing about it.


I was in Adigrat this weekend for some serious family matter. It wasn’t really a vacation but I was hoping it would give me a break from all my responsibilities at home.

While I was there, I got to see a lot of wide open spaces, a lot of country and mellow sunsets over naked green horizons, bare, wise rocks that have stories to tell if one bothered to stop and ask, a lot of subtle beauty that no camera can capture. There were moments where, sitting in the countryside, I felt like I had learned the sense of what complete peace and harmony feels like, what being totally and truly content is.

I saw some children keeping their cattle. There were three of them I think. Two girls and a little boy. They were just lying there in the shadow of a big tree, playing with the grass and I guess because they figured the cattle weren’t going anywhere, they didn’t seem like they had a care in the world. It seemed like even their responsibilities weren’t much of a burden that they had to let OCD related anxiety play a part in their lives. They played kerar in the wind and they just lived.

I’m sure they aspire to what they have been told are greater things and they probably think they won’t reach them. Money, the city, and to some, just nice shoes, and food.

I’m sure that it won’t make a lot of sense if I said that in a way I envy them. It’s not really a fair competition yet I wonder if in fact I would become better with all that vast space and time of theirs.

Now I’m back in the city, back in Addis and space and time need a lot of work.