Markan Lodge Circling Qalat

Time, Body, Hare and Tortoise

I’ve been thinking a lot about The Tortoise and The Hare metaphor lately.  About a week ago, I’d heard a yogi friend of mine talk about breathing patterns and longevity. He said one could prolong his/her life by slowing down the breathing and thereby the body and the life processes within the body. I reflected

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Heroes Negative

Meet Your Heroes Halfway

I think confrontation has always been my thing. Not necessarily in a hostile way but there have been a few people I have walked up to and terrified because I was fangirling and to be honest the most important thing they have done might have been sharing a really interesting Facebook post that one time.

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Defending the Selfie

Good Morning. It’ll probably be noon if not past by the time I upload this entry. But the clouds are back so there’s very little difference to the feel. I’ve come to regret having put my rainy season attires away. Your typical pluviophiles must be extremely happy by the possibly brief rekindling we’ve been allowed

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new year's yellow spring flower

Happy New Year: Resolutions

Beginning the New Year It’s Ethiopian New Year! እንኳን አደረሳችሁ!! I’ve never really been big on holidays. I call holidays Pajama days because no one really expects me to do anything except eat and binge watch stuff in my pajamas. I don’t even have to talk to anyone. I will still probably spend this one

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Ode to Sheger

Since I moved back to Addis last year, I have found myself in the midst of people caught in between two worlds, people desperately trying to hold on to everything at once. Shegerians. I’d thought when I was in Mekelle that it wasn’t really my scene there. Shegerians were my kind of people because they don’t dwell on

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