People are really annoying, aren’t they?
They make everything about them
While in your little bubble,
It’s all about you.

You’re your life’s protagonist
And the author too. You decide what’s real
Inspite of God and the Universe
You’re the hands on the steering wheel.

People are really annoying, aren’t they?
They’ve all got their eyes on you
They barely ask how you’re doing and even when they do
They never stick around for long enough to listen to your answer
But they’ll still have the balls to have an opinion about your behavior.

People are really, really annoying, aren’t they?

You are really annoying, aren’t you?
You’re telling them you stand for them but really that ain’t true
You’re walking at the head of the fight
Claiming how you do it for the smaller man
But that makes you the hero don’t it?
Even when it isn’t
It’s still.

“I don’t do it for them I do it for me”
Because hell yeah sometimes it’s about them too.
You wore that shirt clean and crisp so they don’t turn their backs
You don’t really mind the crinkles
All that foundation you hid under
Hoping to hide your insecurities forever,
You don’t just do that for you
You do it for them too!
Because even when that pimple’s out of view
YOU’d still know.

You say you don’t care what they think of you
And you say you love them too
How does it work when their opinion of you has absolutely no value?

Sometimes you’re different.
And you know it.
But do you know about the fall of Lucifer?
He learned he was special.
He looked up and saw no one there
He figured that made him superior
He didn’t realize
a fall from that high could break even him because there’s always, always one mightier. God made you special, yeah, but he made about 7.5 billion more.

So, take a moment sometimes to stand in front of your mirror
And ask yourself, “who do you think you are?”
I’m not really condemning you
I don’t get to.
these people are annoying.

So love thyself somebody’s got to.
Once in a while it has to be all about you.

But other times,
it’s about them too.